Why You Should Work in the Life Insurance Industry

Ronny Powell

No kid dreams about being a life insurance agent. Many people think about life insurers sitting at alone at their desk just crunching numbers. However, this perception of the industry is completely wrong. The life insurance industry, and the greater industry of insurance, is actually an incredible industry to be in. With amazing benefits, a generous salary and great perks, all different types of people should consider getting into the industry if they want to have a full and long career.

You don’t have to have a specific background to get into the industry

In order to get into the insurance industry you don’t have to have a specific educational background or set of work experiences. There are insurance diploma programs, certifications and specializations that can give you an advantage of getting into the field, you can still begin a successful career in the industry without necessarily having a background in insurance. There are many different branches of insurance so having previous knowledge and experiences can come from many different areas such as cars, business, medical terminology, law, and infrastructure.

Many different roles

There are many different types of job responsibilities and opportunities for career specialization when it comes to the insurance industry. Many people think that insurers just work independently crunching numbers all the time. Yes, there are some insurers who do that but there are also insurers who like working with people, who can spot trouble before it happens, or who enjoy research and analysis. No matter what you like, there is definitely a job that’s right for you in the insurance industry.


Insurance is an industry that is constantly growing. People will always have a need for it. In the United States alone there are 850 life insurance companies that employee over 345,800 people.

Room to learn and grow

The room to grow in an insurance company is endless. There are many different roles that you can take on. As you learn more, whether on your own, from your experience at the company, at an outside class, or through training companies that your company offers, you can easily move up the ladder in your company.