Best Apps for Life Insurers

Ronny Powell

Life insurance agents have many clients to deal with, which results in a large amount of paperwork and just work in general. In this day and age of technology mobile apps can make our lives so much easier, and that includes taking a load off of the work of life insurers. While there are many apps that can help make the job easier, below is a list of the four best apps for life insurers.

Life Insurance Sales Application (LISA)

Life insurers have to deal with mounds of paperwork and this app is here to help you with this problem. LISA has digital versions of a compliance-approved application, which the client can fill out and electronically sign on the app. This app also allows users to access sales training and presentation materials.

LIMRA’S Ready-2-Retire

In 2012 this app won a silver Horizon Interactive Award for educational mobile app. Ready-2-Retire walks users through the process of establishing a vision for retirement and setting up goals to achieve it all in about 15 minutes. At the end of this time, the user is given a personal retirement plan that summarizes their desired retirement lifestyle, their preparedness level, topics they need to review, as well as next steps. The app gives agents a personal URL that they can give to clients.

Claims Journal

The Claims Journal app, which is available on iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire, is the only app that offers content from Claims Journal Magazine to handheld devices. Through this app you will be able to receive breaking news related to the insurance claims industry, videos and informative podcasts. The app is free to download.

Human Life Value Calculator

Free on the iPad, the Human Life Value Calculator helps agents determine their clients “Human Life Value.” Often times people buy life insurance to cover immediate debt, such as a child’s college tuition. However, a client’s actual worth includes all of that debt in addition to his or her potential earnings through retirement. This app is able to calculate the long-term worth of a client based on what they can expect to earn in their lifetime. To find out this information the agent has to plug in basic information such as current income and debt, and the app figures out a range of value for the client. Clients are then able to choose a desired amount of insurance coverage in the range of the results from the app. Results can be emailed to both clients and advisors.